Thursday, October 29, 2015

Eight Weeks Old

Wow, time is going by too quickly! In four weeks, I will be going back to work and will be unable to see my precious boys all day. I can't even think about it much right now, I get too emotional.

Adjusted age is five weeks. They are awake and alert more and more. We enjoy short playtime or looking around time every day now. They smile occasionally and may even think of me as more than a food source (at times.) 

The reflux has gotten much better. When they do have a flareup it is generally only at night. I have been able to reduce the occurrences by placing them in the center of the bed so they are cuddled together and I lay next to one twin, do side-lying feeding when he starts stirring and before he awakes. I get up and go to the other twin to feed him. This way no twin is being picked up and since they have the other twin's body heat they don't wake up and flip out if I move to feed the other one. Of course, I still cuddle with one twin at all times! It also has been helping to give a pacifier (ok'ed by lactation consultant at last visit.) Only A will take it, though. I don't usually change them between midnight and six unless they wake up or cry or I hear them fart/poop.

I have not drunk milk in three days because I am trying to see if less dairy impacts them. I realize cutting out all dairy may be needed, and may be the next step if this does not make a difference. I believe I may have an issue with overactive letdown as well. Even though my supply is fabulous (from pumping once a day I have nearly ninety bags of frozen milk with average 4 oz in each bag) I do not want to decrease it to deal with the letdown until after I go back to work and see how it holds up under the stress of pumping and being away from the babies. I do feel bad, though, for the boys. P in particular gulps a lot, I think somewhat because he is such an enthusiastic eater, and ends up with gas sometimes. That may be partially dairy aversion too. A is a smoother and more flexible eater but spits up more afterwards.

They are still quite difficult from around 6 pm until midmight. They need to eat and be changed more often, and want to be held a lot more. And they are hardly settled for any time when putting them down. Makes for a lot of cold or reheated dinners. With my mom still here, there are two people to hold babies while the third person eats. But soon, we will just have to eat one handed or deal with more crying.  It is amazing how much better you get at doing things one handed so you can carry a baby. Like yesterday I made grilled cheese with bacon and tomato. 

I have bought carriers and used them briefly around the house. The babies love to be carried. I still need to find the perfect one. I bought several the other day, will update soon when I figure out more details.

Been venturing out more to parks lately. Hopefully the boys like it. Played mini tennis for first time last week. Belly Ban.dit made me feel less jiggly but I wasn't trying too much because my hips hurt. Oh well. I am walking more and more and by lifting babies am sort of lifting light weights. Need to just take it slow and build up to running, squats and harder activities.

Still haven't had sex yet. Hard with my mom around. We tried once in the car but I have tightened up down there from inactivity and will definitely need to ease into it at home. I feel ugly and gross do not really feel like rushing anyway. I have lost nearly all pregsncy weight, but my stomach is still loose and lumpy above infision area. The glue looks dark and gross. My muscle tone in legs is gone. In clothes thankfully I look pretty good but only if I use the Bandit. 

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  1. Our kids are almost exactly a month apart, how did I miss this?! I really don't know how you do it. TWO reflux babies is unthinkable for me LOL