Tuesday, August 18, 2015

35 weeks

I am quite grateful that at this point of a twin pregnancy I feel this good. I read about others at this point and they seem to fare much worse. I am well enough to go to work, the gym, and stores. I can still make light meals. Though huge, all my weight gain (50 pounds) is belly and boobs so the rest of my body does not even look bad. Somehow I still do not have stretch marks. 

But...a lot of things do suck right now. My feet are permanently swollen. I cannot  even sit or lay for long without it getting worse. When I am at home I raise them above my head to provide relief, but it is hard to lay on my back for long and it hurts to switch from one side to the other. Which is why sleeping sucks. My shoulders and hips hurt from the weight of my body - even if pillows are under me. My back stiffens up so quickly that I dread turning or getting up. The pain almost takes my breath away. My stomach is so large that I cannot turn over sometimes and I get stuck halfway through the process! And my fingers, wrists, feet, and ankles swell overnight and become nearly arthritic for the first hour after getting up.

Ok now that I got all that out... I have noticed some subtle changes over the last one to two weeks. My stomach has hardly any room anymore. I barely eat at this point, and when I do, it is tiny portions. My stool is always loose and is basically diarrhea. I have a few contractions a day, nothing painful and only in my lower abdomen. Occasionally I feel menstrual type cramps, especially at night, which have no timeable frequency. 

The boys have never been frequent movers (kick counts would never have worked for me) but they are moving less than ever. I do feel something from them every day, but I think they are just so squished. Baby B I believe has tried to move toward birthing position a few times because I have noticed his head toward the side. But I think he runs out of room to rotate and/or faces opposition from his happily breech brother, and cannot complete the movement. I will know more tomorrow. Looking forward to finding out their measurements and receiving confirmation that they are ok. Because I still worry. The anxiety between ultrasounds always builds, and crescendos, right before appointments, and now at this point, I allow myself to think of NICU, birth defects, cord accidents, and all kinds of horrible things. 

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