Thursday, July 30, 2015


For this point in a twin pregnancy, I feel pretty good. However, I still have complaints, of course! My lower back and pelvis are sore nearly all the time when I walk, get up, or turn over in bed. My belly is getting much more heavy and low so I am feeling more pressure and restriction on positions. Basically, I am never comfortable for long and that is exhausting. My feet also swell more often now, which freaks me out a bit, though my OB reassured me that it is minimal swelling and usually twin mommies look a lot worse at this point!

At my 31 week ultrasound, the boys looked good. They weigh 3.6 and 3.11 pounds, which is at and above average for twin weights. They passed the breathing tests. Unfortunately, both are breech so that nay have sealed my fate for a C-section. Lots of people have reassured me their babies have turned after this stage, but they seem to forget they had only one in there. With two, there is far less room to do so. Either way, maybe I should get my ass in gear and research ways to help them turn.

The nursery is coming along. We sorted all our baby shower gifts and I feel a lot better not having shit all over the house. Still need to buy a few more things, set up the monitors, and complete decorations.

We have decided on day care and have interviewed two out of three oediatricians thus far. The final interview is next week so that will be completed soon. 

I cannot believe there are only six weeks left at maximum until they are here. The anxiety about their birth, their chances of survival, everything, is more prevalent and I need to take time and my mental health more. 


  1. Omg lady you need to update more because I get worried! Lol

    1. You're right I am really bad at updating! Hopefully as I am more homebound I will get better.