Thursday, July 16, 2015


Considering I have gained forty pounds and am measuring around thirty six weeks, I feel pretty good. My upper, inner legs hurt now and my feet are swelling sometimes now as well, but otherwise, no new symptoms have appeared. I still go to the gym to lift light weights and to enjoy the pool.

My baby shower went well. My mom had texted and called everyone to confirm attendance since only two people actually RSVPed. There were about 35 in attendance and I had fun mingling with everyone. Of course, I could not resist making craft projects, which my family and C helped me create. Examples were a photo album of all my bump pics from nine weeks on (including a pic with each fruit/vegetable of the week), collage of ultrasound pics, fancy pic of milestones like first kick, and spray painting white bottles for the dining table centerpiece. The friend who offered her house surprised me with additional decorations and organized the set up while I was at home resting. She also made cookies as favors and recruited people to participate in a meal train. The other absent host made an appearance and helped with set up and distributing gifts. She also bought gifts as prizes for games- which I had said no to in advance! I quickly shut down the games and they only played two, but I was a bit peeved. Despite that it was a lovely day. 

The boys are presumably well. Their movements have become much less frequent and strong. So daily kick counts would not work for me as a tool to make sure they are ok. I can only hope it means they are squished in there. It is almost another week before I have another ultrasound. I guess I really cannot believe they will be ok until they are here. It hurts too much to be too excited. 

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