Monday, February 9, 2015


I think I have started to feel nausea over the last few days. It's more of a persistent low-grade nausea that gets more pronounced in the evenings. It may be partially due to me not eating well and the tendency to try to eat larger dinners. 

I really can't eat big meals anymore. Makes me sick and very bloated after. The best approach has been to eat tiny snacks on an hourly basis and small meals over a 30 minute span. Animal crackers have been wonderful. I am in love with berries and red grapes. No aversions at this point.

On Friday at 7w3d, my Doppler arrived and of course I had to try it. C got immediately excited because he thought he heard the heartbeat. I had to explain it was the placenta because he was hearing a whooshing noise, like wind, not heartbeats which are like horses' hooves. We tried for about 10 minutes but couldn't find it. I wasn't really expecting anything so I wasn't disappointed. I may try again tonight, or just wait until after the ultrasound. 

I have not jumped into any aspect of embracing pregnancy yet - no joining of birth month groups, pinteresting nursery ideas, or starting a pregnancy journal. C was at a training this weekend and I guess because he was bored, started a list of baby names. Luckily it was short because I just did not want to discuss it at all. Why get into this idea now when it can still very easily be taken away from us? But I did not say that to C. He is much more optimistic now that we have surpassed our previous milestone of the first ultrasound. 

I cannot quite be that way yet. Obviously last time my body did not realize the baby was not alive inside me and still produced pregnancy symptoms, so that is not the most reassuring thing for me to feel all is going well. Plus, compared to others at my stage, I'm really not feeling much. And, I have heard more of tragedies at all stages of pregnancies. I just cannot be like him yet. 

Two more days. I will know in two days. In the meantime, I will just keep going to the gym, working a lot and doing deep breathing. And - maybe freaking out here and there. 

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