Wednesday, February 11, 2015

8w1d and Second Ultrasound

Had my second ultrasound today at the RE. Everything still looking ok! They are both measuring slightly ahead - Baby A at 8w2d and Baby B at 8w6d. Heartbeats were at 170 bpm, and this time, we got to hear the sweet sound. They look like shrimp now, with a C shaped back. There are tiny arm buds and eye sockets now. 

And..a few minutes of us talking, and I was officially released from the RE. C was ecstatic, ready for the adieu to this place of mostly stress, but I could not join in, thinking of how soon will I be back when things go wrong? 

I barely enjoyed the good news today. I still feel like there is no point in rejoicing when there is still such an arduous road ahead. Like the path of incompetent cervixes. I am so fucking terrified of announcing the pregnancy, getting excited, and then losing these babies to this issue. It's why in a sick way, for a split second, I had wanted a few weeks ago to lose one. Make it more likely for the other to survive. But, I love and want them both. I feel ashamed that thought entered my troubled mind. I have not started imagining an actual life with them yet, but I hope I can get there. After all, this is likely my only successful pregnancy if it works out, so it would be nice to enjoy it a little.

So now, hoping the Doppler will work toward the end of the week and waiting til next week for my first OB appointment, when I will ask about preventive cerclage MFM visits, and cervix length monitoring.  

By the way, I started to show this week. In my tighter shirts like gym clothes you can see a round belly. Work clothes you can't tell at all. And everything still fits. Getting more hungry than before as well. If I don't keep snacks on hand and let my belly get empty, I feel like shit. So, forcing myself to munch something, even an animal cracker, approximately every hour or so.

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  1. Yay good ultrasounds and yay showing. I didn't get that detailed of a scan :( Poo.