Friday, November 7, 2014

PCOS Rite of Passage

Cycle day 3 ultrasound showed a cyst. Big juicy one at 30 mm. It's almost inevitable, it seems, for a PCOS gal on Clomid/Letrozole plus gonadotropins to encounter this issue. And I just had a feeling it was there. I knew the estrogen levels were too low for the number of mature follicles. (Even though the nurse tried to assure me it was fine.) Now makes total sense since one of those "mature follicles" was a cyst. I also had a lot of pressure and pain on the ovary beginning right after ovulation and continuing until my period. Further, I had spotting at 1-3 dpo.

I had to wait about an hour to see the nurse (so much for furtively slipping into the office before most people arrived) because she had to speak to the doctor. She informed me that I would have to go without treatment this cycle because the medication would encourage more growth from the cyst. She said I could try naturally, however. (Always amusing to a PCOS'er since we rarely have that option). 

It will be interesting to see if I actually ovulate on my own. I have been having regular cycles thanks to the Clomid/Letrozole for the last six months, so I'm thinking I should have a residual effect and have a reasonable cycle. (This happened after I stopped birth control last year, although I was on it for much longer. Sadly, only had one regular residual cycle after years of birth control). 

But that means I am back to monitoring things myself. Taking temperature every morning, peeing on ovulation kit sticks, fingering myself to analyze cervical mucus, recording every twinge and sex session.

They had me schedule an appointment with the doctor next week. I will ask him how long should I wait for ovulation before they give me Provera. No way in hell am I going to wait 60 days. Even 30 seems bad, and I wonder if it's true that an old egg is more likely to have problems (a theory that I ponder may have contributed to my miscarriage?) Also will ask sbout IVF. The costs, the procedures, and timeline. And if they do IVM, something that I was reading may be better for PCOS patients because of lower risk of overstimulation.

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