Monday, February 15, 2016

Long Overdue Update - 23 1/2 Weeks Old

I think babyproofing may have to startsooner than I expected because they roll and rotate so well now. Especially A. They also play really well on their tummies and nap fairly well in cribs now. The swing is still used, too, but I try to start them napping in the cribs. Plus the swings are in the living room so there can sometimes be too many distractions.

P has slept thru the night three times in the last week. And in the pack n play (which is in our room.) A has awakened a lot lately crying terribly from teething pain so he has remained in our bed. You can feel the jagged edge of the tooth that has already started to poke thru, so I imagine the rest of the tooth will be out soon! We try to use washcloths, chamomile tea, teething toys, frozen teething rings during the day, and saving the homepathic gel just for nighttime. In general that seems to work.

When I dangled toys in front of both of them, A takes them first, confirming he is the dominant twin. A grabbed for his penis the other day - naturally when it had poop on it! Lol

I think P smiled at the dog yesterday. 

Love love love these boys. Hopefully they let me do some work from home today.

Also, our friends had their baby girl yesterday. She had been taking hypnobirthing classes to birth without meds but ended up using an epidural. In a way I was glad because I guess I still have disappointment at never experiencing labor. Sometimes I want to try for a girl, but then I think of how hard and expensive it is with two, and change my mind. Plus, I don't want to use fertility treatments so it may be useless to even desire this. Right now, no period anyway because I am still exclusively breastfeeding. Which I love and do not want to stop. I do not even want to think about solids, but sadly I must do so very soon. 

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  1. Finally!!! I feel ya on all the things...except rolling, we are not rolling here yet.