Thursday, March 3, 2016

Six Months Old

My boys are six months old already. Twenty six weeks. Half a year!! Oh my, things move quickly!

They have really changed a lot recently into "big babies." They are alert and curious and get excited and distracted by all sorts of things (which I find fascinating except when trying to nurse.) Things that are mundane to me are new to them, which opens my perspective.

They are mobile beings, rolling easily in both directions and as soon as they are put down! A crawls backwards and sideways, too. This has resulted in bsbies being far away from where they were placed, and very quickly! This has also reduced the available places I can put them down when I need a moment to do laundry, wash bottles, etc. They do tolerate the bouncers for a short time, but they are not in love with this activity yet. 

We are working on sitting, still only happening with assistance. We chose to follow baby-led weaning, and while they have both brought foods such as okra and cheese to their mouths, not much eating has happened yet. I don't think they are quite ready as they aren't interested in what's on our plates, but we will continue to work on that. Also, we plan to bring out the high chairs soon to facilitate inclusion at the dinner table.

The boys are now in pack and plays in our room. They do not always sleep through the night, so usually someone ends up in the bed during the night (often due to teething pain.) But only one baby at a time, which has helped immensely with quality of sleep. Hopefully their two teeth will pop all the way through someday, so we can have a break until the next ones appear. These are coming through so slowly! 

Life is quite busy as I now work full-time again and we are selling our house and looking for a new one. Somehow we are not insane yet, but the stress level is high. Really wish we had family locally sometimes so we could have a couples' night out. We have a good babysitter recommendation. Maybe we can start with her watching the boys while we are at home. 

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