Monday, November 3, 2014

13 dpo

13 dpo and just tested. That lone pink line is stark in its solitude. 

I'm not as sad as I usually am.  I'm surprised by this. Maybe it does help to truly believe it will be negative. 

So, just wait for these progesterone suppositories to get out of my system and start over. Pretend there is a chance that next month could be different.

No happy Thanksgiving or birthday for me. 

I didn't tell C it was negative. I didn't even tell him I was going to test just now. I had said a few weeks ago that I would test tonight. I wonder if he remembers. I wonder if it's been on his mind this whole weekend (like it has been for me). Probably not. 


  1. Im out too. Wondering how long it will take for progesterone to plummet and I get my period after stopping supps... No happy birthday for me either. When is your B day?

  2. Both times I took progesterone suppositories it took 2 days for my period to arrive.

    My birthday is November 29. When is yours?

  3. Get out! My birthday is November 30th! It ended up taking 5 days to get period back. Boy was I happy when it arrived today lol.

  4. I was CERTIAN I replied to this.. Im Nov 30! TWINNSIES! lol