Monday, September 12, 2016

1st Birthday

My sweet boys recently turned one. Such a cliche, but time really does go by faster seemingly with little ones. They have blossomed into little boys who still nurse and also love solid foods, torturing each other, and giggling. They are curious about everything and constantly discover new ways to use and view things. 

I have had my doubts even when writing frequently if I had many readers, and now that I barely keep up with this blog, I probably have no one left. Which is ok. I started this page obviously to connect with others about my pain from infertility, and continued writing as I grappled with my fears during pregnancy after infertility and loss. Now that I am a mother, with little to no intentions of expanding our family, I do not have the desire to continue the blog. I am, for one, too busy to regularly write. Secondly, I am rather private and do not wish to share much about my children. 

So with that, I am saying goodbye. I will likely not update this blog again. However, if anyone reads this, especially someone struggling with infertility and/or loss, please feel free to message me and I will be happy to help. It is a lonely road, and I wish you luck traveling it. I truly hope you arrive at a destination you are happy with. Goodbye! 


  1. Was happy to follow you, and be pregnant at the same time. All the best to you and yours!