Sunday, April 10, 2016

Seven Months Old

Wow, I am really bad at blogging regularly. Being a mother of twins, working full time, selling one home and buying another take up literally all my time. I only shower once or twice a week because I have such limited time. And C and I are efficient, everything is just hard right now. Our babysitting choice flaked out twice, so now we have no options. And I have to choose carefully because recommendations by people with singletons or two of different ages will not always apply to twins. Twins overwhelm people. Twins fascinate people. We have half season hockey tickets and we are celebrities at the arena. People love to look at my cuties.

A soaks up the attention, has learned to bang his hand for it. He loves the bouncer and wants people to watch him bounce. He spends a lot of the day trying to crawl, but can only move in circles and sideways and plank. He knows how to sit but prefers to be mobile. 

P sits up so well and is so happy playing like that. He likes sitting at the table I had made for them. He eats anything I give him and shovels it into one pile and mskes a mess and wants his brother's mostly untiuched food. 

Love how different they are. 

I am hoping after moving to relax more and be less stressed. Have free time to enjoy things more. Like sex. It's been way too long. We are tired and busy and that isn't an excuse but it's why. And no babysitters. Yet.

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  1. Awww poor thing, I'll come baby sit! Ava eats anything I feed her as well and she's starting to try to crawl. And that table is fancy.