Friday, April 3, 2015

Gender Reveal Ultrasound

A few days ago at 14w6d we went to have an elective gender ultrasound. I figured for $49, why not? 

The kids were moving around, playing, kicking each other and showing their tushes for like 15 minutes before the Naked juice I guzzled on the table had an effect. But we got our news.

Two boys! 

Very nervous as I have no experience with little boys and I know how active and destructive little boys can be. But very excited at all the sports and outdoor activities we can enjoy together as a family. Two close friends of mine are expecting boys in May and June, so it will be quite fun to all hang out.

Those without knowledge of our conception story keep joking my hubs must have super sperm to yield two boys. Umm no, does not work that way. 

Things are going ok here. We are currently on our babymoon in St. Petersburg (FL), enjoying the pool, beach and the relaxed atmosphere. I felt energetic enough to run quite a bit in tennis yesterday, a first since before I conceived! No new symptoms lately. The rib pain and dry boobs have pretty much disappeared. 

I am definitely showing a lot more. I even got my first inquiry today from a stranger. 

Planning a very small gender reveal party in a few weeks, and otherwise just trying to relax before cervical incompetency fears become more potent. 


  1. I know some very chill boys. In fact, as kids, my nephews were complete opposites. One was a little angel, the other liked to break out of his carseat EVERY time, chuck things at your head, and he put keys into the light socket...TWICE lol. My friend's twins have very opposite personalities too.

    I am def. jealous of your baby moon. I love the west coast.

    And buy some pee pee tee pees! lol

  2. Good insight about little boys. Especially the pee pee items! lol

    I am really enjoying the West Coast. More chill and friendly than crazy South Florida for sure.