Friday, December 5, 2014

Managing the Depression

So many wonderful readers have reached out to me with their concerns, and I am so appreciative. Now that I am somewhat myself again, I realize that my previous post and behavior last week were quite alarming.

I have taken steps to rectify my depressed state. I went to the therapist who runs the closed support group (even though she does not accept insurance and it is $85! per session) and she was, as I suspected she would be, very helpful. I have a follow up appointment with her next week. Next week, I also have an appointment with the therapist I have been seeing the past month (not as helpful, but does take insurance) and my psychiatrist, whom I have not seen since 18 months ago when I was embarking on the TTC journey. 

I know that depression does not go away overnight, and can recur, even if I do feel more like myself again. I plan on contuining therapy with the "new" therapist and reaching out to my support network more actively to get me through the holidays and the fertility struggles. 

Speaking of which, my husband agreed to continue treatment this month (as long  as I actively work on the depression). I really wanted one last chance to get pregnant in 2014, and I also feel that I am less likely to neglect my health when I have fertility implications at stake. 

To those going through fertility issues, please learn from my experience and do not forsake your mental health. Chances are you will feel depression at some point if you go through this for awhile, and if you have a history of depression, you are even more likely to struggle with it. Please please be aware of your emotional barometer and talk to friends, family and professionals regularly for help. 


  1. Brilliant post! Too right! Glad your taking steps to help you through this rough patch.