Monday, March 16, 2015

A Few Steps Forward

I did three things in the last week that showed some confidence in a continuing  pregnancy. I told my boss' boss I am pregnant. He is actually a kind of outside of work friend as I see him frequently at hockey and football games, craft beer events, and he plays hockey with C. Anyway, he knew of our struggles to conceive and was truly thrilled for me. I had to educate him a bit about the additional concerns a twin pregnancy brings. His primary thought from a work perspective was just to stay organized and inform him and my immediate boss if medical issues arise.

Second step for me was to enroll in prenatal yoga at the hospital where I plan to give birth. Making an effort to be surrounded by pregnant moms and maybe even forge friendships with some is a big thing for me. It's like saying I may actually have people to connect with about a LIVE baby in September. 

Third, I scheduled an early gender ultrasound. That cannot be done until fifteen weeks, so on March 31st. It will be the night before our babymoon so I thought it would be a special way to kick off our vacation. But, allowing myself to be in an ultrasound room with the potential to receive bad news right before time off is a big deal. Another leap of faith.

I received the higher end Doppler on Saturday and I found both babies. Took about ten minutes. Baby A is still very low, around pubic bone area. Baby B seems to still be right on top. I rented the cheaper model that does not display heartbeats in the screen, but I think they were about 148 and 156. 

I think they are going through another growth spurt because I am ravenous all the time again. Feeling some dizziness and headaches the past few days. Also, feeling pressure/pain under the left rib, particularly when I am trying to sleep. Rolling from side to side in my sleep is becoming harder to do. But other than that, feeling good and pleasantly chunky. 


  1. Lady, I need an update! I'm going crazy to find out what you found out!

  2. Ok I will post an update today! Yeah you are a much better blogger than I am.